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Demand Governance

Govern Your Demand Flow

MSP – Demand Governance enables you to capture demand from any source, qualify, assess, and price it. Match scope, schedule and priorities with your supply constraints, and gain a clear comprehensive view of every aspect of your delivery. Learn more.

  • Create Effective Customer and Management Transparency Instead of endless emails, spreadsheets and presentations, collaborate with your customers and management directly in MSP. Prioritize their pipeline, analyze impact on budget and schedule and generate different scenarios.
  • Reduce Operational Overheads, Costs and Effort Make sure every business demand being developed has enough business value by using a business-oriented approval workflow. Optimize workers effort by taking into account all demand types.
  • A Demand Hierarchy that Fits Your Business Breakdown initial projects and other requests to separate demands for IT, Engineering, Legal and other work packages, each managed with its own workflow. MSP aggregates sub-demand status, impact and due dates into a single request view.

Budget Planning

Intuitive, Comprehensive and Responsive Budget Planning

With MSP Budget Planning you can forget about multiple Excel sheets and time wasted on endless discussions.Learn more.

  • Save Time, Money and Hassle Significantly reduce your budget planning time and overhead.
  • What-If Scenario Analysis Easy and intuitive scenario generator makes budget optimization easy, fast and reliable.
  • The First Adaptive Budget Quickly adapt your budget to changing conditions. It takes minutes and your budget plan is always in-sync with current market conditions and business performance.

Innovation Management

Driving Enterprise Innovation to Transform Business Operations

Ideas make the world go round…but only if you can leverage them. They drive innovation and are the foundation of today’s great corporate leaders. With this in mind, stakeholders still struggle to prioritize and guide an idea through the enterprise’s innovation process. While having great ideas is the first challenge, making sure they materialize will ultimately determine the success of your team.Learn more.


PPM - Executive Perspective

Transform Your PPM into a Decision-Making Platform

MSP PPM – Executive Perspective crosses the boundaries of PPM, ERP, EPM and GRC. The complex hierarchy of budgets, projects, work packages, change requests, risks, milestones and issues is translated into a simple, valid representation of your operations. Learn more.

  • Lightweight, Agile and Comprehensive Easily implement standards and methodologies across the enterprise as suited to your organization's maturity. With MSP, you can get started quicker, accelerate adoption and get great results sooner.
  • Maximize Business Value Quickly identify projects that have the highest ROI and optimize your project portfolio accordingly. Track project progress vs. budget consumption and make sure actual work is reported against approved budget lines.
  • What-if Scenarios Generator for Executives Create an effective, on-going dialogue with all stakeholders using real-time what-if scenarios based on strategy, programs, budgets, and risks.

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Service Operations

Optimize Your Service Operations

MSP – Service Operations provides management with a comprehensive, end-to-end Service oriented overview: processes and people, incidents, problems, changes, production deployments, knowledge, asset, configuration and SLA. Learn more.

  • Answer Board and Customer Questions Pin-point services requiring remediation by identifying SLA issues, tracking service cost over time and more.
  • Maximize Your ITSM Processes Consolidate processes such as problem detection, incidents, changes, procurements, contracts around the same service repository.
  • Deliver Better Services using Effective Measurements Gain insights into your service and operational levels and proactively identify problems by live metric aggregations from MSP and your ITSM systems.

GRC Management

Efficiently Assess and Address Risks and Regulations

MSP - GRC Management helps corporations to greatly reduce effort, cost and overhead by allowing CROs, internal audit regulators and process owners to collaborate in a streamlined end-to-end workflow. Learn more.

  • End-to-End Automatic Governed Process Track and control audit plans, schedules, survey execution, deficiencies and remediation plans.
  • Executives and Risk Managers Dashboards MSP automates your risks processes, while simultaneously aggregates data from them to provide you a clear interactive dashboard supporting decision-making.
  • Focus on What's Most Important Prioritize response strategies using what-if scenarios supporting KPIs of resources utilization, schedule and costs.

Sales Operations

The Action Starts When the Deal is won

With MSP Sales Operations, you can manage your sales opportunities end-to-end. From your CRM system, through bidding and costing, to billing. This guarantees that your cash flow is optimized and that your employees are focused on the areas that are most profitable. Learn more.

  • Increase Profit Margins: Keep everyone in the Loop Capture planning information in one easy-to-manage online place, including Sales revenue forecasts and payment milestones, Operations work estimations, Delivery schedule and more.
  • Deliver Projects and Optimize Your Cash Flow Get a clear and up-to-date view of delivery status. Optimize your sales pipeline by aligning resources, profitability and expense budget using interactive what-if scenarios.
  • Integrate with Your CRM, EPM, PPM and ERP Systems No more excel spreadsheets attached to emails. Connect the dots between your Sales, Operations and Finance systems in an end-to-end streamlined process.

Gain Control, Simply and Incrementally

Quickly solve your most pressing challenge by selecting the solution that suits you best. Once the solution has been successfully implemented, you can gain more value by introducing another solution for your next challenge. See which benefits our customers gain by growing with MSP.

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